The Company currently delivers to England France France Germany Denmark Sweden and Grecce. Please make sure the shipping address you entered is correct.

Delivery time and shipping cost depend on the shipping company you choose when completing your order.

Specifically the shipping companies we work with are listed below:

DHL Express: Shipping with DHL Express - use experts in international courier and courier delivery services.

With DHL Delivery 24 hours, your order reaches the door within 24 hours of confirming it!

UPS: UPS Shipping is one of the most recognized and successful companies around the world as it has become the largest parcel carrier worldwide and a world leader in logistics and specialized transportation services.

With UPS_AEREO 24h Delivery Service, your order arrives by air within 24 hours of its confirmation!

Greek Post Offices: Greek Post Offices (ELTA) provide state-of-the-art high quality postal services at affordable rates for everyone, all over the Greek territory. Delivery takes 3-5 business days after order confirmation.


Our Company is required to promote the Users / Member details required for the delivery and execution of orders, such as name, shipping address and contact telephone. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to comply with, process and transmit the above data from the Company to the courier companies for the purposes of completing the Service.

The shipping cost of the products to Greece and Cyprus is based on the prices of DHL, UPS, Greek Post and Cyprus Post companies we work with.

Delivery of your purchase may be delayed for the reasons given below:


1. The product has been delayed to be shipped by the supplier to the Company. In this case, a telephone or electronic communication will follow to confirm the Company, if you wish alternatively: a. this item is shipped to you upon receipt at the Company's premises; b. to propose to you another similar one; or c. to deliver your order without this product in case of a centralized order.


2. The product has already been removed by the Supplier and is not available. In this case, the Company will contact you by phone or e-mail in order for the Company to offer you an alternative or cancel your order by returning all the money you paid for the purchase of the product and shipping costs.

4. In case it is impossible to contact you by phone or electronic mail (if for example there is a problem in the order, either with regard to the product or with regard to payment) because eg. the information you entered on the order form is incorrect. In order to secure the credit card holder with which the purchase was made and to confirm the details, the products are delivered only to the User /
who has completed the order, who will have to receive his order in person by displaying his original ID or passport and his credit card.

The acceptance of the order by a third party is prohibited unless the Member or the user authorizes a third party in writing. And in the case of written authorization, the authorizing officer must present these documents in order to complete the delivery of the products.

It is preferable to enter a receipt address where someone will be present to receive your order during working hours, such as at your workplace


If you are not authorized to receive and sign for the order at the place of receipt you will find a note in your mailbox informing you that it was not possible to deliver due to your absence and where you could receive your order. .

In cases where either you do not receive your order within five (5) days from the place we have indicated in the above note, or the delivery has been made impossible due to incorrect shipping address, the Company 
the Company will refund to the User / Member the amount of the purchase, but not the amount of shipping costs. If the product is damaged during shipping, please notify the Company immediately