As a User / Member of the Website you may refund the ordered product in accordance with the Site Return Policy and Procedure.

Non refundable products

For hygiene reasons the following products are not returned (unless defective):

(a) Underwear

b) Swimwear

c) Cosmetics

d) Socks / Tights

e) Jewelery

Products from which the necessary protectors, labels and supplier / manufacturer tabs have been removed

Any product on the Website marked 'non-refundable'

Beauty products, such as perfumes and toiletries if the packaging is damaged or stained or the plastic cover / outer membrane is damaged.

Return Terms

Products must be returned:

(a) unused, in their original packaging - box and cellophane - and in excellent condition

(b) with all labels on

(c) in the exact same state in which they were received, intact, sealed and without damage

They should be in excellent condition along with the returned products, and all the documents that accompany the product.

Returns are made within the time period specified in Article 4 (10) of Law 2251/1994 as follows: must begin within 7 calendar days of the date of receipt of the order by written notification via email to: info @ of the request to the Company and to be completed within 7 days of being authorized to ship the returned products ie within a total of four (14) days.

Refund Cost & Credit Card Refund

For defects or products that differ from what you ordered, the refund will be free of charge and we will refund the original shipping cost (if charged).

In all other cases, you will ship the product for examination and if it is found to be defective you will receive the value of the items returned and the shipping costs charged to return it to us for inspection.

Product Replacement will only be able to replace a product if it is available from its supplier.

We are not committed to replacement because the stocks for each product are very limited and it will not always be possible to replace them with the same or different product.

Return of products and after-sales service

A prerequisite for returning products is to have possession of the relevant purchase document proving the transaction (eg Retail Receipt, Sales Invoice / Shipping List, etc.) and the manufacturer's instruction manual.

In any distance contract, the consumer has the right to withdraw without cause within fourteen (14) calendar days, unless a longer deadline has been agreed, returning the good to its original state, without incurring any expense, other than the cost of return (Art. 4, par. 10 N. 2251/1994). The consumer wishing to withdraw shall exercise this right by notifying of this fact in writing. It is better for your own registration than simply making the request by phone. For your convenience, it is advisable to send a withdrawal document by e-mail.

The right of withdrawal from the contract, in all other cases, is provided and regulated in the Civil Code (Presidential Decree 456/1984) and is legally exercised by the buyer in the cases provided for in Article 535 of the Civil Code, which are:

1. does not correspond to the description made by the seller or to the sample or model presented by the seller to the buyer;

2. not suitable for the purpose of the contract in question and in particular for the specific use intended for that purpose;

3. not suitable for the use for which things of the same category are usually intended;

4. lacks the quality or performance that the buyer reasonably expects from things in the same category, taking into account the public statements of the seller, the producer or his agent, in particular in the context of advertising or labeling, unless the seller he did not know or ought to have known the statement.

In each case of withdrawal, the consumer must return the products within fourteen (14) calendar days of their receipt. The products must be returned in the condition received by the consumer, complete, without damage and in their packaging, together with all the documents and original purchase documents. Certain categories that are detailed in specific areas of the site are excluded.

In addition to the right of withdrawal, the consumer may alternatively require correction or replacement of the products for the reasons set out above (Art. 535 AK), unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs. In this case the consumer shall return the products in the manner described in the preceding paragraph.

If the refund is not made within the above deadline or does not meet any of the requirements, may not accept the withdrawal, correction or replacement.

If the legal procedure is followed and the product is returned, the consumer, if he has withdrawn from the sale and does not wish to replace the product, will receive the payment within the legal deadline, either in person at our company or by depositing in a bank account. of which he holds exclusively in one of the cooperating banks. Correspondingly, in case of return of the product if the consumer wishes to replace it, he / she will receive by email an coupon code of equal value for the purchase of another product / s, with which he / she may place a new order or simply replace the returned product.

If the purchase was made by credit / debit card, the transaction will be canceled and the consumer account will be updated (credit) within 30 calendar days.

CAUTION: In any case, before taking any action, please contact us by phone at 2152159718 or by email at to guide you through the steps you should take depending on your problem.

Product sending:

You can send us the product by following the procedure below:

Before packing and shipping the product to us please send us some photos (2 to 3) depending on the extent of the damage and the product to understand the extent of the damage or defect but also the condition of the packaging in which we will be the defective item must be returned.

It is advisable that the photos be taken at close range so that the extent of the damage can be clearly seen and that we can easily approve your request without further bureaucratic hurdles.

You pack the products in the box where you received your order. In the package you place a document informing us how you would like us to resolve the pending financial situation, if the product is eligible for a refund, or the new product you wish to ship to us, in case of replacement / change, you also send us the proof of your purchase, the product usage manual on the package and finally send the parcel through the courier where you received your order from the Returns Department

You can contact us at for further questions and guidance regarding product shipment.

Return Costs

In the event of a legal withdrawal of the consumer within fourteen (14) calendar days, for a reason not covered by any of the foregoing reasons, the return of the products shall be the responsibility of the consumer, who shall bear the costs of packing and shipping. .

In case of return of the product for one of the mentioned reasons the cost of return (shipping costs) is borne by our website.

Cancellation of orders Once you place your order on our website or place your order by phone, it can be canceled outside our opening hours a) by e-mail at after ordering if it is shipped and received by www before 11:00 am the day of receiving the order e-mail. reserves the right to remove or amend its return policy legally by posting the relevant new terms and conditions on its website.

In the event of repeated consumer returns, reserves the right to refuse to accept product refunds for abuse of the right of withdrawal or replacement of our products, even if the above terms and conditions are met (Art. 281 AK) .

If this legal procedure is not followed or the legal conditions for accepting the return of the product are not met then this will be reimbursed to the consumer who will bear the costs of packing and shipping.

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